6 Clever Ways to Use Perspective in Photography

Example of creative perspective in photography

Photography is all about telling stories through your unique photos. Photographers who display a completely different perspective or taste, often find they make it to the top. However several photographers struggle to create something unique; they just keep on shooting in the same way, and fail to make their photos stand out.

If you are also going through the same phase, there is a very effective solution to it, try to introduce perspective in photography. This single skill is enough to give your photos a completely different look.

In case you don’t know how to get started, here are a few tips to help you out. 

Shoot with an upward tilt

This tip works the best in case you are shooting photos of architecture and other things like that. This angle is very effective in bringing a unique perspective in photography. People don’t see the world with this perspective in most cases and getting started with it is really easy.

The higher the subject is the deeper perspective you will be able to create. Just stand near a tree, building, or any other thing of your choice and then turn the camera upwards. 

It is not the way people look at things and that’s why they see the uniqueness in such photos. Such photos are highly interesting and work well in grabbing the attention of viewers. You can also lie on the ground and create some nice family portraits with the same technique.

It is the unusual angle that makes these photos so appealing. Capturing photos of architecture with this technique creates nice guiding lines for the viewers to settle their eyes on the photos. 

Shoot from the level of your hip

If you are planning to get perspective in your photography, this one is worth trying. This technique is highly beneficial for street photographers. When you hold the camera around the level of your hips, there is less chance that anyone’s face will be captured in the photograph.

And such a situation removes many complexities associated with model release and other such things. One of the finest candid street photos has been created with this technique. 

Apart from the simplicity that it provides, it also gives you the ability to see the world from a completely different level. You must be aware of the importance of kids in photos. This technique is one of the best when it comes to capturing candid photos of the kids.

In fact, it allows the photographers to explore the world of kids from their level of sight. It is a method worth trying if you haven’t already. 

Try to frame the subject in the photograph

With this tip, you will be able to add a completely different perspective in photography. You can do it by shooting through some object or you can also use the surrounding photograph to frame the subject. It is not necessary to use all the edges of the frame, you can create a nice perspective in photography by using just two or three edges of it. 

It is not a difficult task to find a suitable frame. If your subject is surrounded by shapes, you can very easily turn those shapes into a frame. One of the other ways to do it is by holding some object near the lens and shooting through it.

Some creative shots in this category have been taken through holes in the sheets thus creating nice blurred edges. Frames are also very effective in pointing the viewer’s attention right on the subject. 

A creative example of perspective in photography

A creative example of perspective in photography

Make use of the reflections

It is not necessary to have some defining lines for a better perspective in photography. Reflections are so good at this job that they give the photo a different dimension. And the best part is, there are enough things like the mirror, glass windows, etc. to help you out with this tip.

The use of mirrors adds a different layer to the photograph and hence works well in creating depth and a creative composition. Look at the windows of buildings on a rainy day, it will give you enough opportunities to get some worthy shots. 

Though mirrors fail to add perspective in photography in most cases however the window glass works in the majority of cases. Windows work well in creating what we call a double-exposure effect. You can use windows in restaurants and other such places where there is diversity. 

Low viewpoint works the best in creating depth

Photographers often confuse themselves with the meaning of low here. In this case, low means getting on your knees, or you can even squat to get really low. Once you get to the required level, start looking ahead to find the perspective.

When you shoot a photo with this technique, there is enough foreground in the image and hence you create depth in the image. Such an effect works well in drawing the viewer’s attention to the image. 

Getting low will help you to create extraordinary images out of even normal everyday objects. Many experts have a peculiar view of this technique. They say when you put your camera at lower levels as compared to the subject, the photographer puts the views in an inferior position. And hence the subject appears more powerful and strong in such photos. 

Shoot downwards by putting the subject below you

This is one of the most common techniques used to have perspective in photography and it is also one of the easiest. You can create nice and appealing photos with this technique with a few tips.

Keep your subject on the ground while you are standing on a chair or something like that. This arrangement increases the area covered in the photograph and provides depth. Shapes and geometric patterns can be shot very easily with this technique. 

There is something special about this perspective as it creates a very strong bond between the subject and the viewers. That kind of intimacy is not developed when you put the subject upwards or shoot a photo from the side. 

Final thoughts

Perspective in photography plays an important role in keeping the viewers focused on the photo. There must be something to keep the viewers engaged on the subject. This is the reason why perspective matters.

It lets the viewers ride along with the details of the photo. This is a really nice way to enable someone to develop an emotional relationship between the photo and the viewer.

About the Author

Andrew Conway is an amateur photographer and keen writer. Andrew is in his last year of his Journalism degree in University.