8 Fantastic Tips For Candid Photography

Tips for candid photography success

Candid photography is a very popular method of telling a story via photos. This is the main reason why candid photos have always been high in demand. The ability of candid photos to grab people's attention and get engaged in the scene is really amazing. But there are some challenges associated with taking a perfect candid photo.

Since you have to capture the moment without any preparation, the challenges in this process get enhanced further. But this article will share some important tips for candid photography. Let us get started without further delay. 

Remember to carry your camera everywhere possible

You will be able to capture exactly when the moment unfolds if you have the camera at that moment. Since you don't know when that moment will arrive, you should be ready with the gear every time.

This way, all you need is a few clicks and you will be able to grab the moment. This is not a tough thing as point and shoot cameras have become far more advanced as compared to earlier times. Whenever you feel inconvenience while carrying your DSLR l, you can opt for a point-and-shoot camera in order to not miss the moment. 

Try to shoot photos without flash

When the subject is aware that someone is taking his/her photo, the photo can't be called a candid one. And you will most probably tell your subject about it if the flash is turned ON. You should always avoid killing the moment by not using flash for candid photos.

In case you are doing it in low light surroundings, there are several ways to achieve a better image like lowering shutter speed, increasing ISO, and aperture values, etc. This way you will be able to get brighter images without being noticed by the subject. 

Always shoot from afar

This is one of the best tips for candid photography. The nearer you are to the subject, the more likely you are to be noticed by the subject. This single thing can spoil all your efforts. You can do it very easily with the use of lenses having long focal lengths.

You can go for any lens like 70-200mm, 135mm, or anything similar. When you are farther away from the subject, they are less likely to see you and hence the subject will be more relaxed and will act naturally.

You need to be away from the personal space of people to make your shots more intimate and natural. 

Candid photography shoot from a distance

Choose a perfect location

This is one of the best preparations you can do for your candid photos. In order to capture the perfect shot, you need to be well aware of your position during the time when you shoot photos.

Suppose you wish to shoot candid photos during a wedding ceremony, you have to visit that place before the ceremony starts and with proper knowledge of where and how the ceremony will go? Then only you will be able to find the perfect spot for getting what you want.

In order to make the moment shine, you have to capture it perfectly under the frame and you will be able to do it only by shooting the photo from a perfect angle and perfect place. 

Take photos while people are doing something

This is what candid photo is all about capturing moments i.e. when people are doing things. This is what makes a candid photo different from other photos. Normally, it has been found that photos in which people are doing things have a better composition as compared to the ones where people are just sitting and doing nothing.

When the subject is engaged in doing something, it brings life to the photo and your photo is able to tell a story. 

When you are taking a photo like this, you should be highly focused on time. Timing plays a very important role in candid photos. Now you may ask what is the perfect time? Well, the perfect time to shoot is when your subject is fully engaged in what they are doing.

Only when the subject is highly focused on what they are doing is the time to shoot a candid photo. 

Don't shoot a single or fewer photos

One of the most important tips for candid photography is shooting multiple images. When the subject is doing something, you may never know the best time to shoot. If you shoot an image at a moment that you call the best, the next moment might be even better.

So, the only way to make the most out of it is by shooting multiple photos. Try different shutter speeds and different metering modes. Play with settings to get creative shots. This technique will let you have a stock of images to choose from if you need them. 

Candid photograph of children playing

The position of your camera matters a lot

The best tip to help you out in this matter is to opt for the perfect position of your camera. The biggest benefit of this tip is you get a really unique and elaborate field to include in the frame.

Apart from that, your subject is less likely to notice you. So, there is almost no chance that they will act in an unnatural way and you will end up having a perfect candid shot. This tip might not work in some cases but when it works, you can be assured of getting amazing results. 

Play with perspectives

A large number of great photos have been shot from the level of our eyes. Though the photos are great but this perspective seems quite common and you need an extraordinary shot in this category to grab people's attention.

But you can create outstanding photos if you change the perspective a little bit. This little change has the potential to make your photos highly appealing and unique. In this technique, there is enough room for creativity. 

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Final words

At last, photography is all about breaking rules. Since this list is not the final one but if any of the tips are not contributing to giving you the best shot, you should not hesitate in breaking them.

Tips for candid photography are endless, you will learn a lot about others once you get started.

About the Author

Emma Taylor is an Australian blogger and photographer, who lives in Melbourne with her two cats, where she frequents live theatre and wine bars.