9 Creative Fashion Photography Tips

9 Creative Fashion Photography Tips

Fashion photography is all about displaying clothes and other items associated with fashion. Most of these photos include models wearing the display items. As the trend changes, this photography is very volatile with time. You need to adapt to the changing trends in order to create unique photos.

Being aware of some effective fashion photography tips will make me able to get it done the best way. We have gathered some of the most effective ones when it comes to getting better fashion photos. Take a look at these tips and see how much improvement you would make.

Go for a better work environment

This is the first thing to care about the other technical aspects involved in this photography. And this can be done only when you are aware of the basic elements of the fashion photography work environment.

First, you need a model. Depending on the situation, you might need a makeup artist as well. Once you have gathered all the elements, you will need to arrange everything as per your business goals and the demands of your employees, as well as, colleagues. 

Make sure you are equipped with all the technical requirements

When you are done with these requirements, you will have to spend a lot less time shooting photos. After you have got the required elements, you should learn to make the right use of them.

A skilled photographer needs to apply techniques based on the surroundings. When you are shooting inside the studio, your emphasis should be on lights, external flash, and other equipment. While you have to focus on making the right use of flash and portable lighting.

Avoid any communication gap in order to be precise on posing instructions

The list of fashion photography tips is always empty without this one. As an architect of the photograph, it is your responsibility to make everything clear for the models and other members involved in this process.

The pose remains one of the most important things for a better fashion photo. In case you have got an experienced model, your efforts will be minimised otherwise you need to make everything clear by yourself. 

Opt for the singular light source

Mixing different lights together never works. You should either go for the daylight or artificial lights when indoors. In fact, relying on daylight only works well in the majority of cases. You can start working in the daylight very easily.

Ask someone to sit, stand, or maintain a posture about 2 metres away from the window. Then you have to take different photos from different angles. It will help you learn the right way to make use of light. With this tip, you will learn about the way light affects the overall quality of the image. 

When you are shooting photos inside the studio, opting for a dark surrounding will help you a lot. Make the right use of strobe light to highlight the subject. You should try light from different sources to check the formation of shadows that might appear in the frame. In case you are planning to use flash there, the shutter speed should match the length of the flash. 

Fashion photography tip: use a singular light source

Don't forget to adjust the white balance before you start shooting photos

This is a very important part of fashion photography tips. You should always adjust the white balance before moving to a new location. If your photos don't have that natural charm as the real world, you are not adjusting the white balance in the right way.

That level of precision can be attained only if you reset the white balance for every photo shoot. In fashion photography, you can shoot the photo of a grey card and make the right use of custom WB settings in order to get a perfect white balance based on the occasion. 

Focus is important

Focus plays an important role in photography but here it becomes the point of main concern. You have to maintain the right focus based on the subject in your frame. If an outfit is your subject, the focus should be on the whole body of the model.

You can opt to focus on a part of the model when you need a photo of shoes, purse, or anything like that. 

Think of adding some counterbalance

Though everybody talks about balance in photography you should think of counterbalance sometimes. The modern world is full of creative photographers and you already know the importance of breaking rules in photography.

This composition is enough to help you create really amazing photos. All you need to do is include a background with somewhat opposite contrast as compared to the subject. 

Actually, counterbalance is not just about colours. You can include something in the frame that creates a contrasting scenario. Such a situation helps people perceive the motive of your photo in a better way. You can utilise the dead space of the frame to include such things. 

Learn to use props efficiently

There is no limit to what you can do with props in photography if you are creative enough. Just learn the way to make the right use of it. In fact, whenever you find the background flat and bland, you are free to use props.

You are free to choose things that either match with the subject or background. You know the best part is, even random objects work well in this case. 

Make your subject interact with the environment

As the world is inclining more towards candid photos, you should focus on creating photos of the same category here as well.

Any pose may feel boring if there is no interaction and photography is all about conveying some message. Whether you are inside or on the streets, there are ample opportunities for making it happen. 

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Final words

Fashion photography tips are so many but this guide is enough to help you get started. All you need to know about photography is that you should make proper arrangements to let your subject shine.

About the Author

Emma Taylor is an Australian blogger and photographer, who lives in Melbourne with her two cats, where she frequents live theatre and wine bars.