Welcome to the Create Blog

Introducing the Create blog

This is the first post on a new blog for Stockphoto.com. Our new create blog is for our photographer community.

A wide range of photography inspiration and topics

In the CREATE blog, we'll be sharing advice and tips on a wide area of photography, and freelance photography business, especially stock photography.

Topics will include items such as;

  • Creative photography
  • Camera equipment
  • Photographic techniques, such as ideas for home photography
  • Interviews
  • Stock photography tips
  • and more

As well as our own team contributing, we will be inviting guest authors to write articles. If you're interested in sharing your photographic knowledge or creative folio, we invite you to read our Write for Us page.

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About the Author

Miles Burke is a photographer, marketer and all round geek. Miles can be found blogging on his personal blog, or as the main editor, here on the Create blog.