Party Photography Tips for Budding Photographers

Party Photography Tips for Budding Photographers

You're already familiar with the basics of photography, however someone you know has asked you to photograph a party or event. When it comes to event photography, there are several things that you need to keep in mind as it is unlike any other photography. 

Here, we are going to talk about some party photography tips. In these situations, you need to focus on some aspects that you don’t even care about while shooting landscapes.

For example, your lighting is often either very dark, so you need to use an external flash, or it may be variable, such as flashing lights or party colours.

Let's go through some party photography tips for your next event shoot.

Don’t shoot the photo from dead-centre

This is a common thing that most photographers do. As most people shoot photos while in their colleges or schools. In all those photos, the photographer stands just in the middle. Such a highly symmetrical arrangement makes the photo appear highly conventional. 

If you ever shoot a party photo in the same way, you are going to create a very uninteresting photograph. Party is a situation where random people are present doing random things. It is the disorder and chaos that make a party great. When you try to bring order in that surrounding, you will ruin the shot. Such a photo will be uninteresting. 

In my experience, if you shoot the photo from stepping towards one side more than the other side, the photo will look great. This is because a photo from such an angle will bring a little depth to the photograph.

When people in your photograph are not standing in a well-arranged manner, this brings a natural feel to your photo. And this is what matters the most in a photograph.

Try shooting photos using the Dutch Angle technique

It is also called the jaunty angle technique. You can use these party photography tips to make your photo more interesting. This technique is very helpful in making your photo more alive. Many expert photographers use it to create a nice photo out of a dull scenario.

Applying this trick is really simple. All you have to do is find the object of focus. Now try to keep that object in a good position while you are free to alter the angle of the camera. That's right; throw out the old rule of thirds, and try some crazy angles!

While doing so, keep in mind that if you mess with the object in focus, the whole photo will get ruined. An example can make this trick even clearer. Suppose your prime focus is on the eyes. You can choose any alignment of the camera just keep the eyes in focus. 

This is an art that you can’t get perfect at suddenly. You have to do a lot of experiments with different angles. After a while, you will know how to use this technique. 

Props are the favourite things at a party

Props are the things that make a party photograph even cooler. When there are props in a party photo, you are simply describing the mood of the party. The list of props that you can use at a party is enormous. You can use glasses, funky hats, fake moustaches, etc. 

If the party is extra special, you can distribute cards with different expressions that the subjects in the photograph will use. 

You should also keep it mind that no rule is fixed in the field of photography. You should know where to break rules. The same is the case with the use of props. Using props is a good idea however you should not impose it on everyone.

If those people are ready to use it then fine, otherwise go on without the props. Remember that it is the emotion that makes a photograph great. 

Party photography tips with props

Try taking portrait shots

This may sound strange however it is one of the best party photography tips that you can try. If you see something exotic at a party, you can take it to the side and capture a photo of it. If you find someone to be very unique at a party, you can capture a photo of them. However first, ask for their permission.

The best thing about this technique is that it lets that person express their emotions in the photo. If they are enjoying the party, it would be visible in the photo and if they are having a terrible time, you can see that too. 

This is a very honest way of portraying emotions while at a party. Applying this technique requires a little bit of social skills. A lot of people get uncomfortable when they are asked to pose in front of a stranger. 

Candid shots can be anywhere

Candid shots are the things that can come uninvited. In order to get some nice candid photos, you should be ready with your camera. You can never go unnoticed with a big DSLR in your hands.

The trick to getting the best shots from it is to be present there with confidence. After a while, everyone will get used to your presence. And then your presence will no longer be a thing to care about.

After that all you need is patience. Keep looking for things patiently and you will end up capturing something amazing. 

Keep your eyes open for the action shots

At a party, everyone is doing something. Some people dance while others drink by sitting in a corner. You can keep an eye on those people to find the best shots. Photos captured in such moments are the most alive photos that you can get.

However you will be able to capture such photos only when you are mindful of the actions that are going to happen. You will get to know about these things only after participating in a large number of parties. 

Final thoughts

We have talked a lot about party photography tips. However there are still many things to learn. Just keep in mind that this list is not everything you need to master this art. You will learn a lot of things once you step in that situation.